Compensation Impact Report

Follow up on the impact of your compensation

Log in to your account to follow the impact of your carbon offsets in easy-to-understand terms. We report the exact breakdown of your compensation, showing where the money went, and how your impact is realized.

Example Report

About the Carbon Store

This report shows the accrued climate impact of the offsets you've registered through the Compensate Carbon Store. Impact reports are updated mid-month. Please remember that compensation, when done responsibly, is an important tool to reach climate goals, yet avoiding emissions is always a priority.

Carbon Project Distribution reveals how your climate impact is realized by showing your contribution to individual carbon projects and different project types.

Offsets in the Carbon Store are accomplished by purchasing Compensate Credits. When you buy a Compensate Credit you purchase a diverse portfolio of carbon projects that meet tight criteria related to climate integrity, biodiversity, social justice, and human rights. The Compensate Credit provides the best impact-cost ratio with an in-built overcompensation mechanism to mitigate risks related to carbon projects while enabling a more robust compensation claim compared to standard carbon credits. To ensure the highest impact possible we tailor the projects for each purchase based on our current portfolio.

We purchase carbon credits from verified carbon capture projects at the start of each month to ensure the most impact. Check back later to see a breakdown of your compensation. New data is often available mid-month.

Our carbon projects

By compensating, you're supporting these high-quality carbon projects and sustainable development.