Offset digital devices

Calculate and offset the emissions caused by the manufacturing of digital devices you’ve purchased such as laptops and mobile phones.

    About the Carbon Store

    CO₂e means carbon dioxide equivalent. This means that all greenhouse gas emissions caused by something are accounted for, and expressed in the functionally equivalent amount of carbon dioxide for clarity. If, for example, the carbon footprint of your activity is 1 340 tonnes of CO₂e, this means that all greenhouse gas emissions have been counted, and the end result is expressed in CO₂e.

    The Compensate Credit is a high-quality carbon credit that builds upon international standards, like Gold Standard and Verra, but goes even beyond them. It is based on a diverse portfolio of carbon projects that meet tight criteria related to climate integrity, biodiversity, social justice, and human rights. The credit provides the best impact-cost ratio and it has an in-built overcompensation mechanism that mitigates risks related to carbon projects and enables a more robust compensation claim compared to standard carbon credits. One Compensate Credit equals at least one less tonne of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The price of the Compensate Credit is 35€. Compensate takes a fee, typically between 10 and 20%, to cover payment processing and operations costs.

    Our carbon projects

    By compensating, you're supporting these high-quality carbon projects and sustainable development.